Kariba REDD+ Project - Current Status

CGA in conjunction with South Pole have been able to fast-track the Project due to various factors that have led to the Project being many months advanced in comparison to similar projects commenced at the same time.

This has been due to advantageous factors such as South Pole’s expertise and efficiency, CGA’s focus and ability to engage the relevant local expertise on the ground to undertake the strict requirements of the project directives. All this has been made possible by adequate financial backing, to enable the initial Project requirements to validation to be fulfilled by all concerned, with the confidence that the Project will succeed. This confidence in the Project has been bought about by the knowledge that South Pole’s expertise and world-renowned name in the industry will make the credits generated from the Project, easily marketable.

The Project recieved CCBA Validation to Double Gold Standard and has just recieved VCS Validation (September 2012). The Kariba REDD+ Project has completed VCS Verification and has issued it's first vintage of credits from the Project. 

Project activities are being phased in currently as the Project has now received issuance (August 2013).

The above map shows the Rural District Councils (RDC) that will make up the Kariba REDD Project, from West to East- Binga, Nyaminyami, Hurungwe and Mbire.


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