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Kariba REDD+ Project

CGA's "Kariba REDD+ Project" involves the preservation of a vast and vital ecosystem surrounding the southern shorelines of Lake Kariba and its surrounding forests and communities.

Agricultural Encroachment on Forest

Due to poor resources and knowledge, communities are cutting down vast tracts of forest in order to clear fields to plant their staple crops such as maize, sorghum etc.

Forest Fires

Forest fires are a major driver behind decreasing biomass density and deforestation. Forest fires are a natural phenomenon that cannot be prevented entirely, however they can be controlled to a large degree.

Wood Poaching

Much deforestation is caused by causal logging activities within the communities, much of which is used as fire- wood for cooking and heating purposes.


Welcome to Carbon Green

Carbon Green Africa (CGA) is a Zimbabwe based company established to facilitate the generation of Carbon Credits through validating REDD projects in Zimbabwe, through its local team and network of partners. CGA’s core competency is having the capability to enable successful conservation projects according to the rules of the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and the Community, Climate and Biodiversity Standard (CCBS) at Gold Level, and whilst also being able to make the project financially viable for all parties involved. This is a new yet working model in the carbon management arena, CGA has established very good association with a variety of entities to ensure the model work.


Kariba REDD+ Project

This forest conservation project is aimed at providing sustainable livelihood opportunities for poor communities in Northern Zimbabwe, a region now suffering heavily from deforestation, poverty, and drought.


Global Carbon Transactions in the Voluntary Market

Our associate partners South Pole whom are providing the technical expertise to the projects in Zimbabwe are world leaders in carbon management. Incorporated in 2006 they have 10 offices worldwide with over 75 carbon professionals employed.


Carbon Credits: How they work

Market Volume (MtCO2e*)